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Bow tie from our Fall/Winter collection



The enduring popularity of the black bow tie dates to 1886. The bow tie became synonymous with evening formal wear as the only proper compliment to a tuxedo. Today men can wear bow ties to compliment even the most basic daily outfit. is dedicated to the revival of this classic, fashionable staple in men's fashion that's lasted through centuries. There is just a great essence about it and has made an explosive revival being seen in the Spring/Summer fashion shows this year. Our bow ties are handcrafted and in limited numbers, they must be hand tied and are adjustable in length fitting neck sizes 14-18 - don't worry, instructions are provided with every purchase.​ Feel free to check out our how-to page on how to familiarize yourself with tying a bow tie.


The bow tie being the ultimate accessory for black tie events is becoming more and more of a fashion statement in men's day-to-day dressing and here you will find some great finds that can take you from a classic look to hipster to all out retro, however you want to wear it.

If you decide to rock a bow tie one day, choose a bow tie that compliments your outfit, and then let the bow tie do its work. A tasteful bow tie can be just the right accessory to set you apart, and get you noticed.


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